Primary care diabetes impact factor 2021

primary care diabetes impact factor 2021

Libuša Kubánová Slovakia : Composition of Gut Microbiota in extremely obese Slovak patients Jose Eduardo Teixeira Portugal : Overweight, central obesity and abdominal obesity in the middle-age adults in an inland region of Northland Portuguese: a pilot study Gracia L. Don Argentina : Cardiometabolic risk factors in patients with coronary artery disease who are rehospitalized in the Service of Cardiology Edina Hormay Hungary : Characteristic complex nature of the forebrain glucose-monitoring neurons Kitti Mintál Hungary : Modifications of the gastrointestinal microbiome has huge impact on peripheral and central nervous processes Svetoslav Handjiev Bulgaria : The Balkan Diet Tereza Metelcová Czech Reublic : FADS1 gene polymorphism s and fatty acid composition of serum lipids in adolescents Sarolta Stomfai Hungary : Non-invasive cardiovascular risk assessment in prepubertal children — Chair: Zoltán Karádi — Adrián Róbert Gál Hungary : Assesment of non alcoholic fatty liver disease presence using a novel bioimpedance spectral analysis — Dagmar Halo Czech Reublic : Stigma in the content of healthcare gender stereotypes as a limitation in obese patient treatment —

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