Diabetic medicine impact factor 2021

diabetic medicine impact factor 2021

Global epidemiology of prediabetes - present and future perspectives.

Changes in diabetes-related complications in the United States, — N Engl J Med. No relationship between cerebral blood flow velocity and cerebrovascular reserve capacity and contemporaneously measured glucose and insulin concentrations in diabetes mellitus. Acta Diabetol.

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Cell Rep. Twenty-third edn. J R Soc Interface ; Biochemistry and molecular cell biology of diabetic complications.

Nature ; — The endothelial border to health: Mechanistic evidence of the hyperglycemic culprit of inflammatory disease acceleration. Diabetes and vascular disease: pathophysiology, clinical consequences, and medical therapy: Part I.

Eur Heart J. Vascular complications of diabetes: mechanisms of injury and protective factors.

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Cell Metab. Banting memorial lecture reversing the twin cycles of type 2 diabetes. Diabet Med. Diabetic dyslipidaemia and the atherosclerosis. Circulation ; — Oxidative stress and diabetic complications.

Circ Res. Endothelial dysfunction — a major mediator of diabetic vascular disease. Biochim Biophys Acta ; — Pathogenesis of diabetic cerebral vascular disease complication.

Volume 59 Issue 10

World J Diabetes ; 6: 54— Diabetes mellitus and vascular endothelial dysfunction: current perspectives. Curr Vasc Pharmacol. Action des acides aminés sur les sucres: formation des mélanoïdines par voie méthodique.

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C R Acad Sci Paris. Vascular effects of advanced glycation endproducts: Clinical effects and molecular mechanisms.

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Mol Metab. Role of reactive oxygen species-mediated signaling in aging.

Antioxid Redox Signal. Oxidative stress and cardiovascular risk: obesity, diabetes, smoking, and pollution: Part 3 of a 3-part series. J Am Coll Cardiol.

Full size table Experimental design A To investigate the effect of DDW on metabolic changes occur in diabetes, diabetic and control rats were divided into two main groups: half of the animals were given DDW 25 ppm Dand the other half received normal tap water ppm Dboth provided ad libitum. To determine whether DDW exerts its effects, at least partially, by modifying the action of insulin, diabetic rats were further divided into subgroups according to insulin treatment. The control rats did not receive insulin treatment. We did not want to achieve euglycaemia by insulin treatment, but to prevent severe acute complications only. Therefore, two different doses of insulin Huminsulin Lilly Normal I.

The role of oxidative stress in the development of diabetic neuropathy. Endothelial control of vasomotor tone: the kidney perspective.

Semin Nephrol. Balancing prostanoid activity in the human vascular system.

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Trends Pharmacol Sci. Abnormal Rho-associated kinase activity contributes to the dysfunctional myogenic response of cerebral arteries in type 2 diabetes. Can J Physiol Pharmacol.

The vulnerable blood. Coagulation and clot structure in diabetes mellitus.

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  • Global epidemiology of prediabetes - present and future perspectives. - Abstract - Europe PMC
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Hamostaseologie ; 25— Hypofibrinolysis in diabetes: a therapeutic target for the reduction of cardiovascular risk. Cardiovasc Diabetol. Thrombosis in diabetes: a shear flow effect?

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Clin Sci London. Diabetes mellitus and thrombosis.

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  2. Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine (CCLM) Volume 59 Issue 10
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  4. Hyperglycemia kezelése 1-es típusú diabetes mellitus
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Thromb Res. Platelets and diabetes mellitus. Prostaglandins Other Lipid Mediat. Formation of methionine sulfoxide by peroxynitrite at position of von Willebrand factor inhibits its cleavage by ADAMTS A new prothrombotic mechanism in diseases associated with oxidative stress.

Go to: References 1. Prediabetes: a high-risk state for diabetes development. Diabetes Prevention Program Research Group The prevalence of retinopathy in impaired glucose tolerance and recent-onset diabetes in the diabetes prevention program. Diabet Med.

Free Radic Biol Med. Human expression patterns: qualitative and quantitative analysis of thrombospondin-1 under physiological and pathological conditions. J Cell Mol Med. Advances in the management of diabetic neuropathy.

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Minerva Med. Lancet ; — Effect of intensive control of glucose on cardiovascular outcomes and death in patients with diabetes mellitus: a meta-analysis of randomised controlled trials.

Pathology of human coronary and carotid artery atherosclerosis and vascular calcification in diabetes mellitus. Arterioscler Thromb Vasc Biol.

Is there more to the future than suture? Physiology of the haemostasis from the clinical point of view II. A perioperatív véralvadás klinikai élettana II.

Hemostasis in pregnancy: a natural model of hemostasis resuscitation in patients with massive perioperative diabetic medicine impact factor 2021 loss. Physiology of the haemostasis from the clinical point of view I.

A perioperatív véralvadás klinikai élettana I. Platelets from patients with diabetic medicine impact factor 2021 mellitus have impaired ability to mediate vasodilation.

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