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Inova Health Care Services Rövid összefoglaló This research study is afib and blood sugar levels to better understand post-operative complications as related to the tightness of blood sugar control.

It is also hoped that we may learn that a more liberal control of your blood sugars is not inferior to the current strict glucose control. Our ultimate goal is to evaluate if there is any change in the rates of complications between the two groups.

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We will be comparing the current strict blood glucose control with a more liberal target for blood sugars. Részletes leírás Hyperglycemia is commonly encountered following cardiac surgery, whether a patient has a history of diabetes or not.

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Hyperglycemia has been associated with increased perioperative morbidity and mortality; several studies have demonstrated that glycemic control utilizing insulin protocols improves operative mortality, lowers operative morbidity mediastinitis, atrial fibrillationand improves long-term survival.

However, the optimal target for serum glucose has not been established in post-CABG patients.

Surface Hub Ismertető Carna Life System can be used to save, view and interpret ECG tests, as well as to record blood glucose levels, weight, blood pressure, temperature measured with external telemedical device. The main use of this module is cardiac diagnostics.

All patients with history of diabetes mellitus Type 1 or Type II will be immediately eligible for inclusion. The randomization design will be a allocation of patients between the two groups, with both diabetic and non-diabetic patients enrolled in both arms of the study.

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Patients will be maintained on an electronic-based protocol of intravenous insulin for a minimum of 72 hrs postoperatively. Patients remaining in the CVICU greater than 72 hrs will have their intravenous insulin continued until transfer to the step-down unit.

Study cohort included consecutive AIS patients undergoing i.

The Glucommander© will be programmed to adjust the insulin drip to one of these two target groups. The nursing staff will not be blinded to treatment group allocation.

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The pre-specified sub-group analysis will compare perioperative outcome of patients with diabetes vs non-diabetic patients. We anticipate significantly more hypoglycemic events in Group 1.

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